University of St Mark & St John


Full Time Course Fees at MABM


Course Level

Fees Per Year

Pearson Level 4 HNC in Business


Pearson Level 5 HND in Business


Pearson Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership



Please Note that all fees are payable in GBP ( £):

• Cash
• Bank Transfer
• Personal Cheque
• Bank Draft

Please also note that MABM will charge £50.00 (fifty pounds) as penalty for any bounced cheque. Furthermore, an interest charge may be imposed upon any unpaid tuition fees, without prior approval for valid reasons.


Payment Confirmation


The MABM must be provided with notification and relevant information of any payments made in its favour, if such payment is made directly into the MABM account. For confirmation of the payment of deposits the following details are necessary:


  • Date the payment made
  • The value of the payment
  • The bank details (name and account number, address and sort code) of the bank from which the deposit was made
  • All Drafts/Cheques must be made payable to ‘London Academy of Business and Management’.


The payment verification process would be accelerated if you could send a copy or receipt of your payment by post, fax or by e-mail/scanning the information required.


Registration with the Awarding Organisation


Students are advised that registration with the MABM is separate from the registration with the AWARDING ORGANISATION. The students are required to register with the AWARDING ORGANISATION from which they will get the award. It is the responsibility of the students to register with the awarding organisation within 28 days of the course start date at MABM at their own cost and pay relevant registration fees. Please note: FAILURE TO REGISTER WITH THE AWARDING ORGANISATION WITHIN THE SPECIFIED TIME STUDENT ENROLEMENT WILL BE DISCONTINUED. All information, regarding how to register with Pearson and how much it costs, will be available on request from the MABM Reception.